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  1. The coat of arms of the province of Utrecht, produced from a single piece of oak, cut by hand, polychromed and gilded
  2. Everything is wrapped securely for transport from Haarlem to Utrecht
  3. Almost ready to go
  4. The team fit the painting into the frame
  1. We only use natural materials
  2. It’s a very precise job
  3. The salon is substantial but the size of the frames makes the room shrink in comparison
  4. Hanging the paintings is a painstaking task
  1. ‘Emperor Charles V appoints Adriaan Floriszoon Boeyens, bisshop of Tortosa, as viceroy of Spain’ (1750 D. van Nijmegen) is in its frame and ready to be mounted to the wall
  2. The salon in its full glory
  3. The Hortense salon
  4. The restored Paushuize